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Smooth Beginners

The secret of getting ahead is getting started!

It’s time to have some fun! 


If you are new to photography, and/or want to sharpen your skills, this 60-minute one-on-one session is for you.  During this time we will discuss your current photography goals and a few camera techniques over coffee, juice, tea, or whichever you prefer.  After we finish our drinks and convo, we will head over to a smooth portrait session to teach you how to take your photography game to the next level!

Straight to Business

Let's get those ducks in a row

During this hour-long session, we will go over how to run your business. We can discuss setting your pricing, where to find photography resources, tips for working with clients, and any other topics you'd like!  This session will provide you with tips and resources to run your business smoothly so you'll have more time to create!


Because we all know creativity is intelligence having fun! 

Want to create some unique and cool-looking visuals like the ones on my social media? Then come hang with me over lunch and I'll walk you through my creative process!  We will first eat and discuss the process for the shoot and the vision. Afterwards, we will head over to a great location to take some shots.  During this time, I will direct you through the full process of how to capture the specific shots needed for our creative idea.  Once we're finished shooting, we'll sit down and I'll walk you through the editing process of how to create something truly OUT-OF-THE-BOX!


&We have something smooth coming soon!

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