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My Top 5 Lightroom Shortcuts

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Making your editing process a lot smoother!

My Top 5 Lightroom Shortcuts

I don’t know about any other photographers, but at the end of an awesome session with my clients, I become immensely excited to start on the editing process within Lightroom. The only thing is, with all the photo shoots; the editing process can become long and drawn-out, and sometimes makes me become bored with the images.  

So, early on in my photography career, I had to find ways to decrease the stress while working with Lightroom. 

That’s when I discovered Keyboard Shortcuts and man have they been a lifesaver.  

Utilizing these shortcuts have not only decreased the stress in my editing life, but has also improved my workflow, helped with the management of my images, and has saved me a lot of time for other things like demolishing donuts!!!  

Mmmhmmm Donuts!!!  

But anyway, a lot of people have asked me about my workflow within Lightroom while creating my images, so I thought this would be a great way to assist other awesome photographer towards having more time to eat donuts as well. 

So, below are my top five favorite shortcuts (even though there are waaaay more to utilize but who has time to remember them all?) But if you would like to see the other shortcuts that are available, just press CMD + / for Mac users and CTRL + / for PCs to bring up their list.

Number 1:  The Undo

 Keyboard Shortcut: (Mac) CMD + Z  --- (PC) CTRL + Z

This is by far the shortcut that I use the most, and I’m pretty sure it will be yours as well.  Because come on, we are all imperfect humans, so mistakes are in our nature.  This shortcut will allow you to quickly erase your last edit and save you a lot of time from going allllllllll the way up to the edit tab and clicking the undo button manually.  Oh, and did I mention that it has unlimited undo’s? **insert praise hands emoji**

Number 2:  Flag Photos

 Keyboard Shortcut: (Mac) P or `  --- (PC) P

This is one of my favorite shortcuts because it allows me to flag my top favorite shots throughout the editing process.   This way I can keep up with the ones that I know I either want to give to my clients, send to Photoshop for some more tweaking, and much more.  However you want to separate the images to locate them faster later, this is a great way to do so! 

Number 3:  Copy Settings

 Keyboard Shortcut: (Mac) CMD + C  --- (PC) CTRL + C

A lot of times, when I have similar images that require close to the same editing during a session, it saves time to just transfer over the adjustment setting from one image to the other.  This is when the above shortcut comes in handy.  All you have to do is use the keys above to copy the image settings and then press CMD + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (PC) to paste the settings onto the new image. (Look at me giving you another extra shortcut! Self Five!)

Number 4:  Before & After View

Keyboard Shortcut: (Mac & PC) \

We all love to see how dope we made an original photo look after editing (well at least I do).  Well, this shortcut allows you to quickly compare the before and after of your current image.  Press \ and the starting image will appear.  Let go of the \ and the edited image will return.  Just like magic! 

Last but certainly not least ….

Number 5:  Start to Photoshop

Keyboard Shortcut: (Mac) CMD + E  --- (PC) CTRL + E

Done with an image in Lightroom and want to continue your editing within Photoshop?  Instead of exporting the image, waiting until it finally arrives in its destination onto your computer, and then you going to that destination and dragging the image into Photoshop, let's save you some much need time.  Just utilize the above shortcut and Lightroom will take care of the rest.  You’ll thank me later!!! 

Hopefully, these shortcuts help you out towards decreasing your editing stress and getting your time back, and if not, well then I tried. It helps me though ** Insert Smiley Face **.  No, but seriously, let me know if these work for you and if so, I may provide a few other cool tricks to make the Lightroom process even more enjoyable!!  Be safe my smooth friends!

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